Monday, 31 January 2011

Velvet Owl Turn Ons - January 2011

Here's the 10 tracks that have helped to steer the gig collective through the bleak month of January.

1) Sea of Bees 'Wizbot' - Californian Julie Ann Baenziger leads the charge into 2011 with a simple yet stunning single.

2) Everything Everything 'Photoshop Handsome' - A song on repeat play in the Velvet Owl kitchen.

3) The Vaccines 'Post Break-up Sex' - Screw the hype! This is a great pop song!

4) Metronomy 'She Wants' - Be warned. One listen of this track, and it will never leave your head.

5) Sleigh Bells 'Riot Rhythm' - A track that weirdly enough, makes me want to go clubbing. But once it has finished, that stupid thought goes right out of my head. 

6) I Am Kloot 'Northern Skies' - The stars of The Velvet Owl's first gig of 2011. In the words of TV AM's Richard Keys: 'They smashed it!'

7) New Order 'Thieves Like Us' - Reading Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Record by James Nice has led to a hankering for all things 80's Manchester.

8) British Sea Power 'Living is so Easy' - Taken from the first great album of 2011

9) Thin Lizzy 'Jailbreak' - Another great documentary on BBC4, which had several members of Velvet Owl trying to squeeze back into their leather trews.

10) Joan as Policewoman 'The Magic' - Velvet Owl favourite Joan Wasser returns with a new album in 2011.


  1. Hola.

    Your brother Chris, who is a good friend of mine, pointed me in the direction of VOGC blog (See what I did there?)as I believe we are to be the founding members of branch:Norwich. It's a great idea, although it seems people t'up North are more united in gig-going choices and (sometimes) have a better taste in music. (Basically its pretty much only Chris and I who like Glasvegas so everyone else can fuck off and watch Sleeper or something).

    But thats not the attitude! I'm sure we can all be a little more open minded and take something positive away from a Murderdolls concert. If not there is always drugs. Anyhow, I think we are getting past the no-girls rule as my 28 day old daughter has got her Velvet Owl badge displayed proudly on her pram. And her middle name is Mogwai so she has to be in...

    I quite fancy reviewing the gig through the medium of comicstrip rather than text so hopefully that can add a bit of variety to the site and enhance my portfolio. Will get some scribbles done for the opening Gruff Rhys event next week.

    In the meantime I can recommend this little selection as a playlist for the present:

    Teeth of the Sea- Your Mercury
    Mogwai- Hardcore will Never Die But You Will
    The Besnard Lakes- The Roaring Night
    Holy Fuck- Latin
    Salem- King Knight
    Four Tet- There is love in you
    Dosh- Tommy
    Why?- Eskimo Snow

    ...and new stuff from the Strokes/Glasvegas/Metronomy/Cut Copy etcetera

    Hoot Hoot

  2. Hi Sammy. Thanks for the response. We are all excited up t'north to welcome the Norwich collective to the fold. Chris has highlighted some of the 'teething' problems your collective has had, but it sounds as if it has all been ironed out.

    I love the idea of reviewing the gigs you attend in the form of a comic strip. I will pass on the log in details to Chris so you have editing rights. I will also post something in the next couple of days with links to some of your recommendations.