Friday, 11 May 2012

My (bloody) Friday in music

Heard some good stuff today. Firstly Luke Abbott- a friend of mine from Art School- is going from strength to strength with his lush electro beats. Check this little beaut out.

If I ever meet the boys of I Like Trains I would suggest they re-record their new album with a sample of a gobshite shouting ‘PUT IT ONTO KISS FM SIR’ at random intervals throughout, as when I played their excellent new album to no less than 3 classes of youths today at school this was the unanimous response/accompaniment. On a driftless loop, non-stop throughout. Annoying at first, but after the thousandth request of ‘PLAY SOMETHING FROM THIS CENTURY YOU DICKHEAD!’ screamed at me, I found it all rather amusing and a wholesome addition to the recording. 

So despite an unconventional first few listens I’d give it a thumbs up; the whole Wild Beasts production link is (pleasantly) apparent in the sound and the album sounds like what I believe it had intended to do; to highlight unease within this ‘age of information’. And I’m into that sort of thing. And some of the synths sound lovely and bleak, to boot. One mark for making an album with some meaning and another for achievement. Not bad. Top of the class, for a bit… But whats that waiting on the doormat when I arrive home?

NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH TRACK THREE is not usually the point I go with the ‘this is the best thing I’ve heard all year’ tag. (Actually I'm lying- I do that all the time).
But RE-ISSUE OF EPs FROM 1988-1991 is less likely to support the statement. But to throw MY BLOODY VALENTINE CD RELEASED IN 2012 into the mix is insane. But MBV are indeed everywhere again and although not with new music (although maybe soon) this IS new music to these ears as I’ve heard next to nothing of these two discs before. Being over twenty years ago now I obviously got into MBV in the intervening years since their last album, (Loveless probably my favourite album ever) so its nice to read some interviews and reviews of them as if it were 1991 again. This interview on the Quietus is particularly worthy of a read, if only for this bit:

Q: Do you ever look back and think 'I wish I'd done a bit more'?

KS: Yes.

Ha. There are snails that suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome who move faster than Kevin Shields. Dead ones. OVER TWENTY YEARS! And the creative excuses he comes out with! As a friend of mine pointed out this week ‘’It wouldn't be a Kevin Shields interview without the words 'the mastering people/ the studio/ the record company lost the DAT/ all their money/ all the files on all their hard drives' within the first five seconds...’’
But it’s so good. They are so good. I’ve never really read any decent descriptions of the MBV sound, and don’t worry as I wont try it here. Only really through reading the 'techy' details and passionate words of dedication and precision from KS is there any need for descriptions to shadow this music. Its kind of making me angry that I’m going out to meet my mate at the pub in a bit and will have to stop listening before I get to disc 2. That hasn’t happened in years. Maybe I could feed the headphone cables up my sleeve and rest the side of my head on my hand, which is elbowed onto the side of the bar like school kids do to disguise listening to KISS FM. 
Anyhow, forget all this 'best thing I've heard all year' nonsense. Change my mind next week no doubt. Hope I do actually. All I know is this album is going to get lapped up this weekend and next week and the weekend after until... well there might be a wait before I hear some ‘new’ MBV stuff so best enjoy that NEW feeling while it lasts.

Sammy @sickbookies

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