Sunday, 27 February 2011

Exclusive Velvet Owl Andy Bell Beady Eye album interview. Ahem

 Whilst bored at work reading the Saturday Telegraph Beady Eye album review I felt a little confused: this is nowhere near harsh enough.  Beady Eye?! 3 stars?  Only 2 stars less than a perfect-5-best-album-ever? Fucking tories. I have no intention of listening to 'Different Gear, Still Beatling' but know EXACTLY how it sounds. Vile. But the same 3/5 appears in the Guardian. Disgraceful. No doubt Q will give it a perfect 6.
Don't get me wrong- I was firmly in 'camp Oasis' up until about August 22nd 1997 (not strictly true as I believe Be Here Now is actually great; but thats another story) but that was then and this is now. You should have got rid of the others, (oh yeah, you did) swapped the Beatles albums for Xtrmntr and made a supergroup with the Chemical Brothers.  Too late- so now we are stuck with this drivel. And Kasabian.

So with the aid of white postage labels, pens and pencils here is my Viz Defacement album review.


  1. just remembered his name was Stuart Sutcliffe not Pete. Not trying to suggest Noel Gallagher was a serial killer or annything

  2. for your information, Beady Eye got only one negative review, Noel Gallagher got 21 negative ones. And annything in your language is written with one N.