Monday, 14 March 2011

Glamour Of The Kill, Norwich Arts Centre - Update

Our metal correspondent responds...

I cannot decide whether Glamour of the Kill are being ironic or not. If so then they're brilliant. If not then they're a rather generic Party Metal troupe who know how to play one song. That being said, the one song they know how to play is excellent and they performed it with a technical finesse that would make Star Wars Kid cry and a consistency that would put Honda to shame.

It is my understanding that Mr Davey Death (vocals) sang different words every time they began to play “the song” again but I was too busy being drunk and dancing like an arse to pay attention to that. What I did pick up on though was an anthemic, beautifully piercing quality to his voice and an honesty in the performance that warmed the deepest cockles of even the more mature members of the Norwich VO's.

The closest one of our Owlets came to crossing paths with a rock starlet (Ben Brutal, GOTK's drummer) was in the toilets. We learned that there are no facilities back stage and the cubicle chosen by Brutal  had no toilet paper.

I guess to sum up I would say - I was punched in the face once, my knee was bashed into a bruised mess, I pushed a transvestite over and a good evening was had by all.

Ironic Score 6/5


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  1. Just reading the last sentence of this made me sad that I wasn't part of this experience. Sounds amazing and right up my street..