Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Yuck, Sheffield Leadmill

Unlike The Leisure Society or The Pastels for example, Yuck don't have the kind of band name that I would expect to appeal to the more discerning listener. The onomatopoeic band name would probably be best suited for American college bands who are influenced by underground noiseniks such as Fugazi or Jawbox, and not - as is the case - with a band lumped in with the shoegaze revival. Wearing their influences (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Swervedriver) on their sleeves, Yuck's self titled debut album ticked all the boxes for those of us still missing the fuzzy indie sounds of the nineties, and the number of 'older' heads in attendance tonight, suggests it was very much welcome. Album standout tracks 'The Wall' and 'Georgia' come far too early in the set for my liking, but this is a minor gripe as 'Get Away' and 'Rubber' that close the show sound incredible. Reports suggest the band have been below par on other legs of the tour, but tonight there was an energy and fizziness about Yuck, that even the two goons behind us chatting about the Great British Bake-Off final couldn't spoil.

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