Friday, 3 February 2012

John Bramwell, The Junction pub, Oldham

I started my 2012 gig-going adventures in the same way I finished 2011 by seeing John Bramwell play a solo acoustic set.

I must confess from the off that I am a HUGE fan of John Harold Arnold Bramwell and the band I Am Kloot, so my review will contain just a pinch of bias.

The gig took place at The Junction Inn, Oldham which has hosted John Bramwell a couple of times before and is a great venue for getting up close & personal with the acts. We were treated to two support acts, firstly Garron Frith ( ) a singer song writer who played one song purely on the harmonica. The second band were 'Sandboy' ( ) who played with two acoustic guitars & an extra member on harmonica . Both were solid support acts , but I have to say I favoured Garron Frith of the two.

The main event was delayed slightly by someone collapsing at the bar, but once things were resolved, John Bramwell set off in a somewhat reflective and chatty mood; playing an array of his extensive back catalogue and a couple of new songs from the forthcoming I Am Kloot album. One of the new songs was just 4 days old and is still untitled, but had a similar chord sequence during the chorus to the Kloot classic 'Twist'. The beauty of John's solo gigs are that you get to hear his musings and recollections between songs and this time they included his worry about what is happening to Noel Edmonds' face, along with updates on how the new Kloot album was coming along.

It was a another great Kloot experience for me and it has filled a gap until the next full I Am Kloot tour which should be starting in early summer time.


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