Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Just read that fifteen years ago yesterday OK Computer was released. Oh no, not more internet space filled with Radiohead love you cry! Strangely enough before reading about that milestone, this week I have had three separate conversations about how good OK Computer is/was. We just can't stop measuring music as pre and post OKC andf I doubt I have discussed many musical matters as much as these 55 minutes (Some of the conspiracies about the album are great). I don’t even think its the best Radiohead album (That would be Kid A and In Rainbows) which says quite a lot because it is magnificent. 
Anyhow I haven't got it in me this morning to revaluate OKC and its impact on the past fifteen years of music, merely to present this lovely 8 Bit version of the album someone showed me this week (there is a KID A version too) which I’m currently playing full blast whilst eating my Shreddies. Seems even Mario is  a fan.

Sammy @sickbookies

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