Friday, 20 July 2012

Something for the Weekend #2: Darren Hayman goes Mogwai

Well, not exactly. Its just he isn't doing any singing... and anyone who knows any of Hayman's output of the past 15 years (from late 90s cruiserweight indie what-nots Hefner, the criminally overlooked  The French, his acoustic/piano led solo stuff or his fifty billion electro laced side projects) will know that Hayman is probably known best for his lyrics. But this new album about Britain's long-lost outdoor swimming pools doesn't have any. Uh-oh!
Anyhow the video to this first track Super Swimming Stadium is a nice way to spend 5 minutes of your time, particularly with the 'O' word about everywhere at the minute. So give it a whirl(pool) and click on the image below. (Which is of the lovely looking limited to 500 blue vinyl package version, out in August.)

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