Saturday, 18 August 2012

Something for the weekend #5 G O A T : World Music

Uh huh... best looking record in like forever. And the most exciting thing I've heard since sliced... goat. The W's and M's have been totally punched out dude!

 I've read about a zillion pro-plus reviews of this beast in the past few weeks and would have to agree that this is total bat shit crazy. In the best way a 30 minute orange vinyl could be. Basically the reviews go along the lines of: 

GOAT are an unknown entity from a historically voodoo-friendly part of deepest, darkest Sweden (stay with it) and they make a ritualistic, psych rock,  krautROCK, afro beat, looney fucker 'W O R L D  M U S I C' NOIZZZZ. Basically A soundtrack cooler than 'Live and Let Die' for 'Live and let Die'.

Y          RECOMMEND ......


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