Saturday, 15 September 2012

Guilty Pleasures of the Nineties

Since Giant Steps by the Boo Radleys was proclaimed the best album of the nineties by a fellow Owl (probably not far off the mark either as it’s a fantastic album) I have been mulling over making a killer list of my own. And it ain’t easy. In fact its way too hard. So forgetting my 'best albums of the nineties' debacle this is MY list of MY 'ten unlikely albums that I think are mighty fine' of the nineties. Phew.

I suppose some of them could be called ‘guilty pleasures’ due to their total lack of regard for ‘21st century cool’ or longevity or a fanbase beyond me and my mate. But there’s no 'shame' in at least, oh maybe, six of these? Shame is nothing to be ashamed of anyhow. Good biography name that…

The dates show my (lack of) age a little but the not-the-norm albums pre-1995 will have to be filed under a different era for me. I think there’s a rule that guilty pleasures can’t exist pre-secondary school.  Life's guilty enough already then. (What I’m saying, badly, is I would love to include the Auteurs, Stereolab, Teenage Fanclub, Suede, the Boo Radleys but it would to some extent be a lie.) I can’t deny that typing the words ‘the Llama Farmers’ in a best of the nineties list that doesn’t include the likes of Pulp, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Spiritualized, Primal Scream, Blur, Oasis is a bit tricky. But here goes.

It would also take a brave man to suggest that the Manics inclusion below is ‘better’ than the Holy Bible or Everything Must Go but I’m not brave enough to admit that Loveless is the best album of the nineties so it matters not. Or is it This is Hardcore? Screamadelica? Giant Steps? I don’t remember… But I suppose this, if nothing more than a bottle of wines worth of typing, is a good example of why I’m so deep in all this pop music shit anyhow.  Now where is that copy of Be Here Now? . . . JOKE.

Ash - Nu-Clear Sounds 1998
This reminds of not having any girlfriends and really, really wanting some.
Manic Street Preachers - This is my Truth Tell me Yours 1998
Being a teenager can be hard... there are some belters on this though.
Idlewild - Hope is Important 1998
This reminds me of having girlfriends and having a ‘favourite band.’ For a bit.
Ultrasound - Everything Picture 1999
Took me around ten years to appreciate this so I shouldn’t bother taking a quick peek on YouTube. A double disc debut that is the only album that is 'too long' that I wish was even longer. Ideal for lengthy and lonely car journeys, although Floodlit World is the best indie disco song that never was. 
Weezer - Pinkerton 1996
Guitars have NEVER been as fun as this.
Hefner - Fidelity Wars 1999
Only the album the Smiths could have made. But with more sex. The first CD I have broken from over-playing.
Six By Seven - The Things We Make 1998
Why not? It’s great. Especially through headphones on empty foreign buses.
Llama Farmers - Dead Letter Chorus 1999
Everyone has to be into a band that try, and fail, to sound like Nirvana, for a while right? But the first track Get the Keys & Go is still one of my favourite songs ever.
Earl Brutus - Your Majesty...We Are Here 1996
The Britpop Fall? Either way both albums are proper good.
Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki 1997
I know Psychocandy is better, but this didn't leave my Discman until Black Rebel Motorcycle Club existed.

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