Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Day I Gave Up On Primal Scream..

The new 'political' single from Primal Scream, titled 2013, is a miserable experience which even the guitar wizardry of Kevin Shield can't save. The chorus goes "Twenty-thirteen, twenty-thirteen, twenty-thirteen, all right". Honestly... 
So I'm through with them! Primal Scream have made three great albums with the last being thirteen years ago. They have also made some utter crap and I suspect that this years LP More Light will be, well, more shite than light. Three good albums is not a bad return but I'm sick of the PS quality being so yo-yo in its output. Imagine if between every Radiohead LP you slotted a crap Stones cover album? Wouldn't happen. Imagine if between every Kraftwerk album you slotted a Status Quo inspired pub rock LP? Wouldn't happen. Put simply XTRMNTR, Screamadelica and Vanishing Point are great, actually in many parts incredible and ground-breaking, but I would rather get a Shed 7 tattoo on my face than listen to 'Rocks', 'Jailbird' or 'Country Girl'... And as for the likes of 'Funky Jam'...


With 10 being a literally amazing album and 1 being the lowest dregs of recorded music (note how three LPs drop below this) here is my final visual word on PS.

 (Just realised Evil Heat does not deserve an 8 but can't be arsed to change it... 4 maybe)

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