Monday, 8 November 2010

Entente Cordiale

Over the years, bands such as Pavement, The Stooges, The Screaming Trees, The Leisure Society, Tindersticks along with countless others have been recommended to me by my friends.  I first heard Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted on the way down to the Reading Festival in 92. The cassette containing the album had been pushed into our hire van's stereo by my good friend Peter Trigg, and was played on repeat all the way down the M1.  Thanks to Peter, I also heard bands such as Nirvana and Mudhoney long before they made the big time on the back of the 'Grunge' movement.

Music genres such as Northern Soul, 60's garage and New Orleans funk may have well passed me by, if it hadn't been for a friend's introduction through a self-made compilation or  an invite to a club.

At this year's Green Man Festival, my friend Cedric, suggested I catch the band, Girls, whose 2009 debut album had been one of his favourites of that year. They didn't disappoint. A mixture of early New Order, The Smiths and The Beach Boys, the band were a fitting finale to a great weekend.

Cedric has come up trumps once again, when this video from Canadian folk rock artist, Timber Timbre pinged into my inbox from across the Channel this weekend.  The song is an ideal antidote for those of us eagerly awaiting new Bon Iver material.


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