Friday, 19 November 2010

Aussie Ardiles

Just like Obama's presidency, the meeting that started it all off could be summed up in the word "hope". Only this Hope ruled a Virgin Megastore stockroom and would eventually acquire a taste for spunky onions, apparently.

Yes, like most uber-fans of music, I did a tour of duty in a(n admittedly soulless) record store, but it was a period made memorable and inspiring by the presence of fellow fans such as messrs Tomlinson and Hope - friends with whose taste, to this day, mine sometimes overlap but probably more often than not don't.

Of course, having long left retail for journalism, I wound up getting to force my opinions down a city's throat, but that doesn't make my opinions any more valid. Indeed, if anything, the fact that the three of us (whose combined tastes cover a hell of a lot of ground) wound up contributing to this blog is enough of a reason for any music fan to read it - and, for that matter, also contribute to and further enrich it.

Because The Sydney Morning Herald pretty much owns me, I'll be mainly posting current links to stories and reviews I've written for them - here are a couple from this week:
I will also dig out old such items as and when relevant. For a start, Girl Talk giving away their (his) latest mental collection online this week has reminded me of a fascinating interview I did with him a couple of years ago. Highlights of that coming soon. 

And, having reviewed and interviewed several hundred shows and bands over the past decade, I'm happy to take requests if anyone wants to read anything from my archives ...

Over and out for now,

Your man at work

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