Friday, 30 March 2012

John Bramwell, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

'Sometimes too much drink is barely enough'  Mark Twain

Picture courtesy of No_such_user

As many of his songs tell of the pleasures (and pitfalls) of drinking, it should come as no surprise that mid-way through tonight's show, John Bramwell calls for an impromptu interval so he and the audience can freshen their glasses.  It may only be a Wednesday evening in the 'artistic' centre of West Yorkshire , but to hell with it, we're going to have a good time....we're going to have a party! With a setlist hastily scribbled onto the back of a flyer, and an offer for the audience to shout out requests, tonight's gig often feels like an open-mike session rather than a rare performance from one of our most underrated singer songwriters. But it is this organic (hey, we're in Hebden Bridge) feel to tonight's proceedings, that make it feel a little more special. Bramwell makes no bones about the fact he won't be playing much new material, but when his old songs are as good as Gods and Monsters and To the Brink we couldn't care less. Of the new songs Bramwell does play tonight, Bullets is the stand-out and sounds like a natural progression from Sky at Night. Bramwell also reveals his playful side, when he introduces several minutes of guitar tuning as a new song and a new direction for I am Kloot.  By the end, there are several audience members a little worse for wear (less 'artistic' and more 'paralytic') which spoils the mood a little, but a rousing rendition of Proof and a cover of Blackbird send us on our way very happy. Our Velvet Owl man in the know, reckons we won't be seeing a full I am Kloot tour until September at the very earliest, so plenty of time to sleep off tonight's over-indulgence.  


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