Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stare and the sick mindset of a gig ticket enthusiast

You may think that I’m a right sad bastard (and you are probably right) but I bloody love a good gig ticket! Hence the new background for this blog and, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance, the décor of our downstairs toilet which is plastered with the little fucking things. (She still has the upstairs toilet. Boys downstairs, girls upstairs in our house).  All the possibilities and romance of a pop concert summarised by some numbers, dodgy fonts and washy background colours.

So here are the tickets for Aprils Norwich VO event; indie band Stare.  The band, who have (apparently) reformed after 20 years to commemorate their slot at Radio 1's Sound City gig at the same venue in 1992, have one of those interesting nearly-made-it stories that the digital age doesn’t seem to produce anymore. I have known the bass player for several years as a local in my pub, but never knew he was in a band that amongst other coo's supported the Verve. The others on the bill that evening in 1992 were Nick Cave, Carter USM, the Farm and Yarmouth’s very own Catherine Wheel. 
It seems that after a few EPs they recorded their debut album but were dropped by their label and that was that. The album, with its record label ownership now up, will be available to purchase (at last!?) at the gig.   Lets hope the gig leaves us crowded round the merchandise table for a great long lost album?  We might do if it sounds like this track... Sure I will keep my ticket either way.       Sammy

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